Site logo – is a travel marketplace where local suppliers can present their business and promote their services with personalised offers worth to experience in their area. Every supplier has equal part in the platform while checks thoroughly the quality, safety and professionalism of its suppliers and guarantees the flawless operation. Because we want our mutual guests to be happy.

The supplier entries are organised per following categories –

Active&Fitness, Arts &Crafts, Beauty&Care, Culture, Cullinary, Hospitality, Event, Lifestyle, Mobility, Music, Performance, Services, Shopping, Tours&Holiday and Wellness&Health. Multiple listings are possible. Product Tags specify the entries more in detail.

The requested services may be individually customized through a direct dialogue field between guest and supplier and the implementation will be coordinated in real time. The prices are determined by the suppliers themselves; the payments go to them directly and in future also through an independent payment getaway. Special Offers with preferred pricing or itinerary are highlighted and strongly promoted and add to the marketplace attractivity and reputation. A pioneer of online tourism once told me, “What is a beautiful shop worth for, if the shelves are empty”. Therefore, we call upon all interested suppliers, all over the globe to list themselves and start trading over You can list as a Standard Supplier by registering yourself and your business, upload your profile and your services and make them visible. You pay a monthly fee of €2,00 (12 months up in front) and a booking fee of € 10 per booking if you wish to put on sale and promote a Special Offer.

You can be a Franchise Admin by taking over the ownership of the marketplace for a specific region, area, or city, by finding suppliers to join, get sponsors for the respective landing page and be a friend of the house. You keep the income and pay a fee of €250 every three months